Case studies

Jersey General Hospital case study

The case study details what the team’s aims were from introducing a digital consent application, how they went about choosing and rolling-out Concentric, and their learnings during 2020. Find out what impacts digital transformation of their consent process has had, the feedback of patients and clinicians, and what’s next!

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A number of months following writing the initial case study the Jersey team recorded a webinar, expanding on the case study and exploring their experience of scaling across the organisation.

Here are some of the webinar highlights!

“Feedback from both staff and patients was resoundingly positive, even amongst those where we anticipated resistance…”

“Very little training was required as the user interface is extremely self-explanatory…”

“As a result of this project, we’ve observed that patients are now more reassured about the consent process, with a range of materials that they can access ahead of their surgery. It is also now more of a shared journey between patients and surgeons…”