Why choose Concentric?

Whilst there are several digital consent options available, we're confident Concentric stands out as the leader in the field. A clinically-led application, with a proven track record and backed by evidence, it's trusted by leading healthcare organisations.

Trusted by leading organisations

Trusted by leading organisations

Since our launch in 2020 many leading healthcare organisations have chosen Concentric, including Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Oxford University Hospitals, and Circle Health Group.

As part of this process we've demonstrated our compliance with the necessary information governance, cyber security, and clinical standards.

We've collaborated with these organisations to deliver a product, process and implementation approach that is intuitive, flexible, and straightforward.

Digital consent by default

Digital consent by default

Digital consent applications need to tackle the breadth and complexity of the consent process, and many don't.

We're proud to have many organisations that are now Concentric by default, including for complex combined procedures, and across all treatment consent scenarios (e.g. consent form 4).

Tackling this complexity, and making personalisations easy, means there's no need to keep paper consent forms close by.

Clinically led

A clinically-led team

We're a small team; digital consent is our sole focus, and for many of us it was a passion project long before it was a business.

Around half of us are clinicians, some also working in the hospital environment, and others full-time as digital health clinicians.

We're often told that it's clear that Concentric has been developed with deep clinical input throughout, thanks to an intuitive user interface and a process that slots easily into existing workflows.

Breadth, depth, and quality of content

Breadth, depth, and quality of content

We believe Concentric's content is the world's leading resource of consent information.

Organisations perform around 2,000 types of treatments that require written consent. Our evidence-based templates cover the breadth of these, with 5x the number of treatments covered compared to our nearest competitor.

Our content has been leveraged by organisations such as NHS England and the Royal College of Radiologists when developing standardised consent information, and is PIF Tick certified - the UK's quality mark for healthcare information.

Seamless integration with other systems

Seamless integration with other systems

Most of our users experience Concentric deeply embedded with their other systems.

Single-sign on to access (no new passwords!), patient context launch from their electronic health record (EHR), with consent documents landing automatically back in the EHR within seconds of completion.

We're experienced in delivering these integrations - regardless of your current system - to ensure that Concentric slots seamlessly into your workflows.

Read more about integration in our technical documentation

Why switch to digital consent?

Here are reasons it should be one of your priorities

“Concentric is the Apple equivalent of digital consent solutions.”

Theresa Richardson, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust